Our Curriculum

The philosophy and values of the school are implemented through our curriculum and pedagogy. The curriculum model indicates that planning for teaching will be organized in the following ways:

Three key academic areas:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Integrated Studies (Science, Technology and HAAS.)
  • The Arts

The Shine Program

This is a flexible Extension and Enrichment program, which integrates into the 3 academic areas. It also includes the Arts, French, Chess, Environment Program, Rostrum Public Speaking and the Music and Drama Tutor Scheme, which is run by the P&C.

The Well Program

This is a specifically designed program with a holistic approach to physical and emotional health. It teaches specific 'life skills' and includes the continued development of a positive approach to behaviour management and whole school culture.

Sport Leaders

Our Sport Leaders program connects Hawker Primary with Belconnen High School and Hawker College and is an important part of our Well Program.

Thinking Curriculum

Thinking Curriculum develops creative and critical thinking in all areas of learning.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) integrates across all areas of teaching and learning.