Environment Program

The Environment Program at Hawker School is a central part of the school's identity, culture and values program as well as being a core element of the academic and social development of each student.

The whole school program engages students, teachers, and the community in a program of active learning, active citizenship and active leadership.

The school's outstanding Environment program has been recognised and acknowledged through the numerous awards that Hawker School students and staff have received.

  • 2005 first ACT government primary school to be accredited as a Waste Wise School
  • 2005 Sustainable Cities Award winners for Resource Efficiency
  • 2006 ACTNOWaste Award winners for Leadership in Education
  • 2006 Sustainable Cities Young Legends Award winners for Environmental Leadership
  • 2007 ACTNOWaste Awards Highly Commended
  • 2009 Sustainable Cities Award winners for Energy Innovation
  • 2010 First ACT Government school given Energy Wise accreditation
  • 2010 ACT Green Teacher award
  • Ambassador for ACT 1Million Women Campaign
  • 2011 Accredited Water Wise school
  • 2011 Earth Hour ACT Youth Ambassador
  • 2012 Sustainable Cities Award for Resource Recovery, Litter Prevention and the Dame Phyllis Frost Award
  • 2012 Highly Commended Australian Sustainable Schools Award for Waste Free Days - making a difference
  • 2013 2020 Vision Competition - 2 student finalists and one second place overall

Our environment program has created wonderful opportunities for student leadership. Through the Student Representative Council, the Year 6 Environment Leaders program, the Class Recycling Monitors Program and the Power Ranger Program, all of our students have the opportunity to be environmental leaders.