Vision and Philosophy

The underpinning philosophy of the school embraces the loaves and the hyacinths principle in education:

'If thou of fortune be bereft and of thine earthly store hath left, two loaves sell one and with the dole buy hyacinths to feed the soul.'

The loaves are about the core foundation skills: literacy and numeracy and the skills involved in learning. The hyacinths are about passion areas, creativity, curiosity and confidence. It is about happiness and responding to the joy of being alive.

At Hawker School we aim to provide a secure, caring and stimulating learning and working environment which is inclusive, values excellence and is responsive to the community.

Our programs are underpinned by a set of core values. These values both protect our children and teach them the skills and attitudes they need for life as active citizens in local and global communities.

At Hawker, we take a consistent, whole school approach to creating programs which:

  • Value and acknowledge every child
  • Develop strong foundations in English and Mathematics
  • Promote academic excellence and learning enrichment
  • Develop quality relationships, collaboration, team work and resilience
  • Nurture a culture of peace and social harmony
  • Give children the opportunity to explore the creative arts
  • Develop life skills in fitness and sport
  • Equip children for their future in technology
  • Give children the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways
  • Engage children in critical, divergent and creative thinking
  • Expect children to do their best and strive to reach their potential