Education Programs

The Curriculum Model

The philosophy and values of the school are implemented through our curriculum and pedagogy. All learning programs are based on the Australian Curriculum and required content is delivered through an integrated model when authentic links can be made.

Key Learning Areas:

The core program for the teaching of Mathematics is 'Envision Maths'. This program is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, includes mental computation strategies and explicit instruction as well as providing multiple opportunities for consolidation, problem solving, enrichment and extension.

Science is based on the Program 'Primary Connections'. This program was developed by the Australian Academy of Science and integrates Science and Literacy. It is a hands on program based on Science investigations and is aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

The Enrichment Program

This is a flexible Extension and Enrichment program, which includes a range of academic areas as well as French, Maths Olympiad, Music, Environment Program and Rostrum Public Speaking.

In addition, the P&C coordinates a 'pay as you go' tutoring program in Music (piano, violin, singing, guitar), Drama and Chess.

ICT (Information Communication Technology)

Our school provides a technology rich environment for all students. ICT is integrated across all areas of the curriculum. Interactive Whiteboards and LED screens are available across the school. Students at the school have access to iPads, Apple Mac desktops, Chromebooks and Surface Pro devices.

Students also have access to cinematography technologies such as a digital SLR video camera with a dolly, tripod, and fleckie. In addition, they have opportunities to use Bee Bots (basic coding), Makey Makeys (circuit boards) and Robotics kits. Hawker Primary also recently acquired our own DJ desk, mixing desk for speakers, disco lights and directional microphones.

Student Support Services

Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team consists of the principal, a member of the Executive staff, Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators, EALD teacher and School Psychologist. This team leads the management and support of student academic, social and behaviour needs.

The School Psychologist

A school psychologist is located in the school for two days each week to assist children and parents with any issues and to administer diagnostic tests when appropriate. Students, parents and teachers may initiate an interview at any time by contacting the school front office.

EALD  (English as an Additional Language or Dialect)

Hawker School has an EALD program, which caters for children where a language other than English is spoken at home. It aims to provide these children with the opportunity to be confident in and competent with English, and to acquire adequate fluency to cope with social, emotional and educational situations in their environment.

Literacy and Numeracy Support

Hawker School's Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators are experienced teachers who work with students across the school to cater for a variety of learning needs.  This includes providing additional support or enrichment opportunities. The Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator work closely with the School Psychologist, parents and external agencies.

Parents should speak to the classroom teacher, school psychologist or a member of the school executive team about concerns regarding the learning or social development of their child.