Our Community

The Hawker School services the suburbs of Hawker, Scullin and Page. The school has always enjoyed positive community support and this is one of the school's significant strengths. Positive home school partnerships are the foundation to quality learning outcomes.

School History

In 1974, a group of Hawker residents lobbied the government of the day for a preschool and primary school in Hawker. PEACH (Primary Education Action Committee for Hawker) were successful and our wonderful school is here today because of their fighting efforts. The school opened in 1976 with an enrolment of 315 students.

School Colours – Green and Gold

The school colours were selected by the school community after the Australian colours. The colours were suggested by Al Leece, the founding principal. He thought that the school should represent Australia as it was the newest and most original school at the time.

The School Emblem and Motto

The school emblem was selected after much consultation with staff, students and the community. The emblem, designed by Tim Boutis, represents the library and the five original units around it, serviced by the administration area at the base. Some students at the time reflected that the emblem looked like a ship traveling through space.

The school was without a Motto until 1993. It was chosen again after much community consultation and discussion. 'Adventures Through Learning' was selected and reflects the positive culture of the school and the fun nature of learning.

School House Names

At the end of 1976 the school board put forward the idea of introducing house names. The staff and students decided upon the house names. Al Leece, founding principal, recalls that a number of students suggested that the school resembled the space ship from the TV show, 'Lost in Space'.

Due to the open spaces, the unique design of the building and the fascination that the community had with space at the time, space and outer space became the theme.

To this day the students are divided into four School Houses. They are;