Environment Program

At Hawker School we value the importance of working towards a more sustainable future. We strive to provide our students with the tools and knowledge they need to become environmentally aware members of the community. We have a variety of initiatives that support us to recycle, manage waste and reduce energy with both students and staff.

Below is a brief outline of the current school initiatives with a description of how each initiative works.

Garden and veggies

In our school courtyard we have the facilities to grow vegetables for the community. Teachers and students manage the garden by weeding, planting and harvesting a range of vegetables. The harvest is then sold to the community to promote healthy eating and the value of growing your own resources.

Students can participate in a lunch time gardening club. The club teaches students how to grow their own food and care for a garden. It also promotes being member of the school community by providing a service to the community.

If you are interested in purchasing some of Hawker School’s fresh produce it is sold on assembly weeks from a trolley that is located either in the front office or hall entrance.

Waste Free Days

Each term Hawker has a “waste free” day to promote using reusable containers and materials in lunchboxes.  The teachers calculate how much rubbish students bring to school and collect what is discarded. All rubbish is accounted for and weighed at the final collection. The winning class is presented with the “Green Recycling Truck” for having the least amount of waste. This initiative helps reduce the amount of waste students produce and supports our school and community in making a more sustainable world.

Paper Recycling

Paper recycling is a major focus at Hawker School. In each unit there is a recycling bin for classes to dispose of their paper waste correctly. These bins are then emptied by student environmental leaders into our school hopper every second day. This initiative encourages the school to be more paper conscious and provides students with an opportunity to show responsibility and leadership.